Review: H20 Audio Amphibx Fit waterproof armband

One thing that I can say for sure about Boston is that you almost never know what the weather will be like from one day to the next. So a few weeks ago, when I got offered a chance to review the H2O Audio Amphibx Fit, I asked the fine people there to send one ASAP, as we were expecting heavy rains and some additional heavy snows. Being that this is a waterproof armband, I thought those conditions would be ideal for testing the Amphibx Fit.

Unfortunately, the weather chose not to cooperate, and it hasn’t rained or snowed once, in any real quantity since I got the Amphibx Fit. It actually rained one day while I was at work but it was over before I could get the armband on. So, I went with the next best option:

Has anyone seen my facial scrub?

I filled the sink, put my Google Nexus One in the Fit, closed the case, plugged in the headphones and dropped it in the sink. One hour later, I returned to discover that not only does the Fit float pretty well, it also kept my Nexus One completely dry. While I’m a big sweaty guy, the amount I sweated during workouts did present as big an issue as an hour in the sink could have.

 And it then did the same for my G2, and my wife’s iPod Touch. Being waterproof is really all the Fit has in common with the other Amphibx arm bands or other waterproof cases. It’s a complete redesign of the Amphibx line, and because of this has an entirely different fit and feel.
That’s one meaty arm

The Amphibx Fit lives up to the second part of it’s name as it actually fits me as a larger guy. Finding iPod or Android phone arm bands that fit a larger guy like me hasn’t exactly been easy, but the Fit does it. It’s been comfortable for a couple runs, though I do occasionally feel the plastic from the hinge attached to the device insertion point digging into my arm. A smaller person not stretching the elastic band to it’s max definitely wont have that problem, which I tested by wearing it on my forearm.

Inserting a device into the Amphibx Fit
Most of today’s larger cell phones or MP3 players have touch screens and I was really impressed that  all 3 devices with different sizes and depths responded naturally to contact with the screen through the arm band. I didn’t notice any delays or problems in using my devices through the band. I will say i did not try using the touch screens underwater. It’s still not an ideal device for swimming, though with the armband extension, it may work well if worn around the waist. 
In conclusion, I was pretty well impressed. I tested the 3 things the Amphibx Fit claims to be (an armband, waterproof, and fits multiple devices) and it passed all 3. It would have been nice to see it ship with the waist extension belt, but that’s really all I can say against the Fit.  
I give the Amphibx Fit 4.0 out of 5 trees.

PS. For some additional fun, take a look at the video below on an Amphibx Fit being tested in someones washing machine.

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  1. my nexus one keeps changing tracks (running rhapsody) by itself when using it with h2o audio. have you seen that issue?

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