A shameless plug, my coach earns her money, and more prizes!

You have just one more day to enter the Jabra bluetooth headphones giveaway. I won’t remind you again, so if you miss out, you only have yourself to blame.

Yesterday, Rach was really sick. She’s way tougher than me so the fact that she actually took the day off to stay home and sleep was a big deal. I on the other hand am a wuss. I was tired, I didn’t feel well, I had a really sore through, blah blah blah. I was feeling really unmotivated, and so I reached out to Dr. Pain for some motivation, and at least part of me was hoping she’d say it was ok to skip it. She told me next week is in fact RECOVERY WEEK which was all the motivation I needed to get through yesterdays workout. Said workout was a 10 mile hilly bike, and while I am no fan of hills, I did my best to push hard through it. I need to learn to pace myself because around mile 8 I was in the granny gears sucking wind, just hoping to get through all 10 miles. I made it through and felt better enough today that I had one of my best short runs yet this year.

Rach and I were both feeling a lot better today, and I got some awesome stuff in the mail today!

First, I got a package that actually came yesterday but I didn’t see it until the FedEx guy came with today’s delivery.  I spoke with the folks at Outside PR regarding the launch of the GU Energy Labs peanut butter flavor gel a while back, and I finally got a chance to reach out to them late last month. They were kind enough to send me some samples, and when I opened the envelope I saw this lovely plethora of goodies:

a buffet of gooey choices

I was so excited I almost ate one of the peanut butter ones as a snack but I waited until 15 minutes before my run (as directed by the package) and had one. It was really really good. I don’t like every flavor of GU (or any other energy gel for that matter) but I do love me some peanut butter, that’s for sure. It tasted thicker than the normal GUs, but I might be imagining things. Either way, I’ll definitely be getting more of that. They also threw in some of the new Island Nectars flavor which I am probably going to have to fight over give in to letting Rach have, but I might be able to pry it away from her if I offer her the Peppermint Stick seasonals as those are definitely her kind of thing (and very much not mine!) Finally they threw in some grapefruit flavored Brew electrolyte drink, which Rach LOVES so I’ll probably be parting with most of those as well.

The other package that came today was the prize from winning the Performance Bike facebook contest late last week. I won a 12 pack box of  PowerBar energy chews and a 24 pack box of Vanilla energy gels. I even talked them into swapping out the Strawberry Banana chews for Cola flavor chews which are one of my favorite snacks for on the bike (right up there with the Honey Stinger waffles.

Cola. Energy. Chews. NOM

It just didn’t seem right not to share the love with the fine folks who have donated so far, so I built a raffle prize out of parts of the combined stuff I got in the mail today: The 24 count box of PowerBar Vanilla Energy Gels, 1 GU Peanut Butter energy gel, and 3 GU Chocolate Raspberry energy gels.  More great stuff you can win and enjoy just for donating!

No you don't get the laptop but you do get a Peanut Butter GU

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