Jabra winner and my 2012 race kit!

  • Thanks so much to everyone who entered my Jabra US giveaway. Now that I’m using Rafflecopter for these it’s pretty easy to administer, and the system does all the work in picking a random winner and such. The winner of the Jabra Bluetooth headphones is Heidi (aka @bananabuzzbomb on twitter). I’m waiting on the product to arrive from the PR folks, but it will shortly and then it’ll be on it’s way to Heidi! Congratulations!
  • For those of you NOT named Heidi (or at least the specific Heidi who won the prize) you can still give yourself a chance to win a pair of Jabra Bluetooths by donating to Eleonore Rocks from my donate page!
  • Also, I’ve been bribed into giving up another of my peanut butter sample GU to be added as part of the energy gel prize in exchange for a donation today (thanks Jen!) and I’ll be adding that prize to the raffle page this evening some time. I still expect to add a few more prizes over the next couple weeks
  • The other big news is that we got the proofs of our team kit for this year that will arrive in about 2 months. A nice regal purple with understated pink highlights, so instead of looking like I robbed Barbie’s wardrobe It will look like I robbed Price’s, or maybe Grimaces.

    Tri kit on the left, Bike kit on the right. We get the tri, Im buying the bike


One thought on “Jabra winner and my 2012 race kit!”

  1. Well, I guess if I did not win and good choice is HEIDI!

    Congrats girl!! woooo hooooo

    Dude I LOVE THE KIT!!! I want one!!! so hawt.

    Ummm, I am now going to call you Prince tho…as in party like it’s 1999 Prince, you need a sparkle scarf to go with it. Rock that kit man! WOOOO HOOO

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