progress comes in tiny pieces and yet ANOTHER raffle prize! Yay Infinit!

I’ve been training and training, and while I’ve lost almost 10 pounds, sometimes the progress doesn’t come as fast as I’d like it to either on the scale or on the road. My training has been ramping up, I’m eating better, and I’m drinking a ton more water, but some days it feels like I’m gaining only seconds, and some days like today I’m losing minutes. If it weren’t for tools like Strava that let me see that I had my 2nd best effort yet on some really hard climbs today, I would have felt like todays workout was a major letdown. I’m shooting for 15 MPH average on a 15 mile ride with ~500 feet of climbing. I just have to keep pushing I guess, because I’ve seen the good stuff happening in the past 7 weeks, and I know it’s going to continue.

I guess what I need to remember is that it’s still just February and I’m already working harder on hills than I have in a lot of midseason rides.

On the raffle front just 8 more days for folks to contribute and be eligible for this months raffle prizes. So I’m adding yet another one. INFINIT Nutrition is a primary sponsor of the Eleonore Rocks Triathlon Team and they’re kind enough to provide us with some product to power our workouts. I ordered a custom mix for myself which I named “Orange you jealous you’re not as fast as me?” Yes, I know a little false bravado (more on false bravado tomorrow), but still funny because it’s orange flavored. And since I had enough goodies for me, I ordered some INFINIT for you guys too! I tried out one of the single serving pouches after todays ride and it was REALLY good. I hope my custom mix turned out as well as the standard mix. I went a little stronger on the flavor, and increased the sodium to balance for my high sweat rate.

INFINIT-LY good nutrition that tastes... INFINIT-LY good

The big bag is my custom mix of INFINIT, but everything else you see on the table is the newest addition to the raffle: 4 single serve packs of INFINIT Ride, 2 packs of INFINIT Run, and an INFINIT water bottle! I’m probably going to rearrange the prize groupings yet to get them organized in a way that makes more sense.

3 thoughts on “progress comes in tiny pieces and yet ANOTHER raffle prize! Yay Infinit!”

  1. I love Infinit!! My custom mix is called…wait for it….

    Rev for Rev 3
    ME for me and Maine
    Up because it has caffeine!

    I also use the RUN mix too.

    I am testing out NAPALM too. awesome

    I win

  2. ooops!

    Congrats on the 10lb loss and the training gains. Remember it is not just ONE session that matters in and of itself, but the accumulative efforts over time.
    You will have a fantastic year I am sure!!!

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