The bravado playlist and an impromptu triathlon

I apologize again for the delay in getting the response from USA Triathlon. They’re working on it, and I get emails every day thanking me for my patience. I’m just happy they’re responding, as opposed to USADA and WTC who have decided I’m too small a fish. Thanks for being patient on this topic if it is indeed the one you’re interested in. 

Now onto more personal matters. Today i was scheduled for a run and a swim. I always do them in that order because I can run at the cemetery just near the house, but I need to travel a few miles to swim. (On a side note, i saw someone else exercising on the cemetery path the other day so I feel less creepy and inappropriate about it now). My work day schedule was packed today so I couldnt run until after 4, so I planned on a 4 PM run and a 7 PM swim. It was around 2:30 when Rach texted to tell me the pool was closing at 6, too late in the day for me to move my workouts up. So, at 4, I hurried out for my run, during which today I started extending my run intervals to 1:30 of running at a time. I was pretty tired when the 30 minutes was up but i was really happy with the results.

Then I dropped Stanley off at the house, got on my bike and busted my butt to get up to the pool in time to get my whole swim in, only to find out the pool wasn’t closing early until Thursday. I have an amazing, incredible wife, but she’s not very good with dates and I should have remembered that. So I stood there in the pool shower in my tri suit, eating energy chews to try and recover from my efforts before I got in the pool. The swim was less than my best but Im proud I gutted it out, and even fought off cramps in both feet for the last 100 yards to finish.

So today’s first place in the 2 mi run – 4 mile bike – 1400 yard swim was… me! My times need some work but just that I had the endurance to do this and then come home and rip up a rooms worth of carpet tells me the training is working.

I know I mentioned false bravado the other day, but I’m pushing that topic out a couple more days (and learned that the false is not needed, bravado is already false)

Finally, if you haven’t yet donated to my raffle, please consider doing so, with now just 7 days left before it ends, I’d sure like to get closer to the $500 mark. And if you have already donated, thank you and I’ll be reaching out at the end of the raffle to confirm which prizes you’d like your entries put towards.

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