Did someone open a vent?

People have always told me they love the positive upbeat vibe of my blog. Today is not going to be one of those days.

- Monday I had a long swim and a run. Both workouts had an ok result for the day after an 11 hour car ride, but I felt AWFUL throughout both. At the end of the 45 minute run I was pretty sure my legs would need amputation.

- Between the swim and the run, I thought I put my Swimsense swim watch in the car. Apparently not, as it is now completely missing, probably left in the locker room and upon my return on TuesdayAM it was nowhere to be found.

- Yesterday, I had a 15 mile hilly bike which felt good for about 2 miles before it went downhill. I simply didn’t feel strong at all and with only 400 feet of climbing in 15 miles, it wasn’t close to the hardest ride I’ve done. My legs were shaking and I had sore muscles all along the outside of my right calf. I wasn’t going harder than normal, and I even cut some of the climbing out.

- Our hamster died on Monday and it really has me bummed out. We had her for about 2 years and I get pretty attached to my pets, so I’ve been pretty sad.

- I haven’t had a chance to get in an open water swim and I’m getting more and more nervous about it. I haven’t even had my wetsuit on since November, so I’m going to at least address that tonight. It’s just been sitting there in the mud room, taunting me for weeks.

- My new role at my company is stressful. A ton of learning all at once about systems I had no knowledge of whatsoever last week. Overwhelmed.

- Stanley has decided he’s not done teething/chewing, and although he has my old office chair to destroy in the office, he has taken to attacking our couch in the living room. And the new one is now in the warehouse on the north side of Raleigh so I have to figure out how to get it home. We need to get that dog into discipline course at the pet store.

- The cruise is 2 1/2 weeks away and other than our fun money and travel money to and from, it’s all paid for. It cannot get here fast enough.

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