I’ve got to try

I’ve never had a worse week of workouts. My last scheduled work for the week was a simple 10 mile easy ride on the bike. By the time we got back to the house where Rach turned off to do the rest of her scheduled 15, I turned home and finished just shy of 10 miles. And when I say finish, I mean I was finished, exhausted, kaput, dead tired, et al. Now call me a wuss if you will (but you won’t, because you don’t feel lucky punk, do ya? It’s Friday the 13th after all), but I’ve been training my butt off and I have the Garmin and Strava records to prove that 10 mostly flat miles shouldn’t be putting my body through the ringer right now.

The weird part is, I don’t feel sick. It’s not like I want to puke or cough or even have a runny nose. I just get out to exercise and I don’t have any pop in my step.  I’ve been eating pretty healthy, sleeping 6-7 hours a night, and not training very hard this week, or for the most part last week even, so it’s not like I’ve been pushing myself too hard. It’s something I can’t explain. I’ve had a checkup scheduled with the doctor on Monday for a couple months so I’ll bring it up when I go in.

But just because this week has been bad doesn’t mean I’m throwing in the towel. I’m going into tomorrow as if I’ve had good workouts all week and that I’m ready for whatever the day brings. Ive got to try, no matter how it might feel, because:

- I’ve put in the work to earn this race. I’m stepping up to the starting line knowing I’m prepared for a race (honestly maybe for the first time)

- We never know how our bodies will respond on race day, we can only go out there, do what we’ve trained for and see what happens

- For Rachelle who was patient with me when I went on long rides without her, or on nights I needed to hurry through dinner so I could make it to the pool in time

- For Dr. Pain; because she wants me to suffer, and race days are the best kinds of suffering

- For all the little babies and their families that I’m racing to help make a difference for

And that’s why I’m going to try. And that’s why I’m going to succeed.

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  1. Oh Ben, do I 100% understand where you are right now. These past 2 wks have been my WORST training wks. As I sit here typing I just got back from a half mile run. Yes, you read that right. half mile. I went out, foot pain hit, and here I sit. With my previous sickness with that as the cherry on top I feel beyond frustrated, but still optimistic. I have no idea what my next wk of training holds (that is supposed to be my taper). My race next weekend?? No clue how that’s going to go either.

  2. Great attitude as usual, Ben. Hopefully your body is just taking a little break this week and things will return to normal for you soon. And congrats on where you are with weight and workouts, must be a great feeling! Good luck at your race tomorrow, I will be anxious to hear how it went. Go get ‘em! But above all, have fun.

    1. It may be allergies, I’ve been stuffed up for a while, so I started taking my nasal spray again (doctor said to only take it when I need it) so I’ll see if that helps.

  3. Ben, have you ever been tested for Lyme disease? I had it about 5 years ago and it absolutely wiped me out. It coincided with when I started swimming and training for triathlons. I thought it was the training that was beating me down. I suffered from extreme fatigue and muscle aches that felt more like arthritis and even had some memory problems. I was fortunate to have seen the tick actually bite me. It was so small, I thought it was a baby spider and then came the bulls-eye which disappeared inside of 48 hours! I had to convince my physician that I had actually been bitten. Months of antibiotics put me back on track.
    In any case, best of luck tomorrow and don’t skip that doctor’s appointment.

    1. I have never thought to check for that. Do they have a simple blood test for it? I was supposed to see the doctor yesterday but it was too close to my race to do bloodwork because theyd be off due to racing.

  4. There is a blood test for Lyme. It isn’t 100% accurate but given what you’ve been through and how you mentioned last year that you had some short-term memory issues, I think it’s at least worth asking about.

    1. I mentioned that to her, but she didnt think that was it. She thought mono may have been more likely based on previous history, but we’re starting with allergy meds for now.

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