A REALLY Good Day!

I’ve really been struggling, and not sure why, and when I got on the bike last night, it sure started out the same way. I had a 20 mile ride on the books, but because I had to wait until late to start I only got in 18. Rach started her coaching with Dr. Pain last week, and some days we get the same workouts, so we rode together last night. It was scheduled to be a hilly ride and I was already in trouble on the first hill. The first hill we climb is 1/3rd of a mile long and averages 4% grade ;I was breathing so hard on the way up I had to stop to rest at the top to catch my breath. I made the decision I was going ahead no matter how many times I had to stop to rest along the way. It turns out that was the worst I felt all ride, and that not only did I make it through the other hills my ascent of that first hill was my 2nd fastest out of 16 tries. I’m trying to figure out if that means I’m trying too hard on those hills where I’m getting that out of breath or if it means I’m just having cardio problems right now due to allergies or the like. Either way, I made it through the ride.

A lot of the motivation for that ride came from the two boxes that made us wait to start riding in the first place:

1. From BuildASign.com. the car magnets we’ll have on the truck for every race. BuildASign was kind enough to reach out to me last year during my fundraising for Team Fight and ask if there were any products they could donate to my cause in exchange for a link and mention. Because of everything that was going on, I couldn’t come up with a good way to use their services that made sense for me and for Team Fight without feeling I was just taking advantage of something free. So when they reached out to me again this year, I thought about the races I’m doing, how I’m getting to them, and how I can have the most impact/impressions without asking too much of the folks at BuildASign. I figured a car wrap might be asking a little too much (oh, and that Rachelle would kill me), so I decided on a couple of magnetic car signs with the idea that I’m driving to all but one of my races this year and that People just sort of tend to notice me anyways, so a big pink logo on the sides of the car will probably attract attention. The sign creation tool that BuildASign lets you use is pretty easy, and they have a pre-press effort that makes sure you don’t wind up using web graphics that look like garbage on a sign (which I almost did). My mom has been a desktop publisher since the 80s, and I know that making large graphics like this used to be a lot more challenging and didn’t come out looking this good.

In retrospect I would have made the logo HUGE


2. The other box that arrived, I have been awaiting patiently like a child at ChrismaHuanaKwanzica: MY NEW BIKE FRAME. It is as beautiful as I imagined. No, it is MORE beautiful than I imagined. And it’s not even built yet. Even with the generous support of Kestrel as one of our team sponsors, and months of saving, I could only put together enough to order a frame and fork. Mind you, I’m not complaining, as I know many people go years without a new bike. Which is why as soon as I get my new one built, I’ll be donating my road frame to a local bike charity or new rider/triathlete as soon as I can find one. My Fuji has some miles on it, and a little bit of paint wear, but she’s in excellent shape, and is a nice racing bike for someone just starting out. If you know anyone who could use it, and are in the Raleigh area, or willing to cover shipping to someplace else, let me know. I’m hoping to have the new bike built up in the next few weeks in time to train on and ride it for my next tri in late May, so the Fuji frame will be available after that.

Picture it with wheels and gears and stuff, oh and me riding it VERY FAST!

4 thoughts on “A REALLY Good Day!”

  1. Kudos to BuildASign for their generous donation.

    Glad you FINALLY got your new frame!!! Does it have that “New Bike” smell??

  2. Good luck on your run tomorrow. And that is one sweet looking bike! Can’t wait for you to get it built, go for a ride, and tell us all about it!

    1. Me either, Mel, me either. I would up having more done that I wanted. new cassette, new chain, new cables, hopefully not a new front derailleur but its a possibility too.

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