Wednesday updates

I finally got to the doctor yesterday after suffering a lot longer than I probably should have with not feeling right. I really like my doctor; she’s smart, funny, and explains what she’s thinking and why. She took a look at me and said “your eyes tell me you have allergies, but let’s take a look at some other stuff too”. I didn’t know I looked that bad, but this might explain why Rachelle has been asking me to wear a paper bag over my head around the house lately. Come to think of it she’s always asked me to do that from very early in our relationship. When she started putting pictures of Sidney Crosby or David Beckham on the bag, I just thought it was “role playing”, or some such.

Anyways… the doctor made a stunning pronouncement “You’re a guy”, which was indeed news to me, considering I had recently loudly said  “AWWWWWWWWW” and hugged my dog while watching this video:


The reason she said “you’re a guy” is that she was thinking out loud about my shortness of breath at the top of hills and during runs recently was thinking aloud if it made sense to do an EKG based on my age. She decided it did. Fortunately, it came back normal. Not just normal, but very good. She said it very much showed signs of my training. First off, my resting HR is now sub-60. I never ever thought that would be true. She said that it also showed signs of my training in other ways. I assume these are magical things she can see in the ups and downs of the chart. Really I was just happy they didn’t yank all my hair out taking off the pads for the leads. Then she prescribed me some Flonase (which is already helping), told me to take Claritin in addition if I need it, and to enjoy my vacation.

One thing you might not know about Rachelle is that she is VERY COMPETITIVE. I on the other hand am not (no jokes about how you knew that by looking at my triathlon results), but she does bring it out in me. One thing we compete on is blood pressure. One day we got out blood pressures taken at a machine in a mall and I beat her, SOUNDLY. Ever since we have competed on this front, which explains why in the middle of my doctors appointment yesterday, I sent her the following text: “BP: 112 over 72. suck it.” Yep, that’s how I roll.

Now as to training, It’s been hit and miss this week as we prepare for the cruise. Monday was rotten for weather but I still got in my 70 minute run walk, and had a pretty good go of it. Yesterday, due to a ton of running around I missed the available pool time, so I am getting in a run and swim today. Tomorrow is just a swim, and that’s it for formal training while we’re gone. I’ll talk more about the cruise tomorrow, but I am definitely planning to still get some training in, and the boat has everything I’ll need to accomplish that.

Finally, In a partnership between Eleonore Rocks and Life Time Fitness, I’m getting a code to share for 10% off any of the Life Time Fitness triathlons this season. I don’t have it yet but I will soon.



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