A really good week and more on the horizon!

My mom has allergies, had them bad as a child, and then they came back and got her in her 30s & 40s just as bad or worse. Rachelle has allergies, and has had them all her life. For me, this is all a new experience, so waking up every day not being able to breathe out my nose and remembering to take my medicine, plus the worry of having an asthma issue (attack seems like a strong word for the reactions I’ve had) while training. So, I’m very thankful that the medicine seems to be doing it’s job so far.

We’ve had an easy week of training; I think Dr. Pain wants to make sure I’m healthy so she can throw my first 3 hour ride of the year and other “tortures” at me next week. Our hardest workout of the week so far was a 20 mile hilly ride yesterday, which actually went really well. We weren’t pushing the pace much, just climbing through the heat and humidity. I stayed in front of Rach on all the climbs until the worst local climb, the one that sent me into my first asthma “attack” a few weeks ago. Yesterday, no such physical malady occurred, just the typical bonk at the end of 20 miles with just one bottle (my 2nd bottle holder doesn’t fit the new bike, so I need to buy another). There’s something about the steepness of it that just gets me. I’ve made it through more than once, but yesterday it took me a short break to get my breathing back under control before I could get going. Either way, it was a successful ride, and a great springboard into next weeks training. A lot of confidence gained from 20 miles climbing in the heat.

I’ve also had some real luck this week; I won bike jerseys in 2 separate contests. Last Sunday, I won a Tour of California prize pack in a twitter contest; it includes a couple of other smaller pieces, but the big part is a bike jersey. I’m not yet sure if this will be a piece to display or wear, but either way it will be awesome. Then on Tuesday I won a Facebook contest put on by Bike Nashbar as part of their tie in to the Giro d’Italia. They’ve been doing trivia contests, the answers to which I would not have known without the prize (a copy of the book “Maglia Rosa” all about the Giro) from a contest I won last year during the Tour de France, writing twitter recaps of TdF stages. The 2nd jersey should be one I can wear, as I was allowed to choose an appropriate size. And then in the middle of writing this, my Team Fight kit came in the mail today. the top was too small but the replacement size is on the way. I’ll definitely be training in style this year.

Next week, Rach and I will be visiting my parents; my niece graduates high school next weekend, and we’ll be there for the party. We’re also hitting Columbus next week to see old friends and ride a couple of our favorite places. We’re also starting to ramp up our training distance, albeit on flatter roads of the midwest. Plus Monday is my birthday and I’ll have something cool to write about on Monday for sure so keep your eyes peeled for that.


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