For my birthday, let’s give money to babies!

Well hello there, long time no see! I’ve been away for a bit, but I’m back now and will be around every day for a while. I have a lot to say, but I’m going to start simple.

Last Monday was my birthday. I’ve now traveled around the sun 38 times (well technically 38.75 times, but I couldn’t do much that first .75 time around). My birthday gifts were my bike (which I was happily riding around until this weekend when the tire and tube got a nasty gash during travel and I need to fix or replace today), my Weight Watchers subscription, and my folks gave me $5o to blow at the new casino in Toledo (I spent only $20, the rest went to dinner in Columbus with friends).

Yes, I know I’m blessed in what I already have and I don’t really need anything more, so that’s why what I’m asking for from everyone else who hasn’t already bought me something (I mean, everyone was planning on getting me something, right?) I have a simple idea: For every donation up to a total of $350 made in June on my fundraising page, I’ll match it dollar for dollar in July. I want us to be able to donate a couple of chairs before the end of July, and we’re SO CLOSE to the first one already!

As to what I’ve been doing while I’ve been gone, here’s the most important part:

Trine, me, Abby, Brooke (my sister), and Rachelle

My oldest niece Abby graduated high school this past weekend. Trine, on the left, is the foreign exchange student who lived with my family this school year and has become my unofficial sister! She “graduated” as well, though she has to go back for another year of school in Norway because they go to school for longer over there I guess. I spent my week away enjoying time with these kids and the rest of my family along with a day away with a couple of my friends in Columbus.  I’m hoping to see more of them when I get back to CBus for racing later this summer.

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