Becoming a runner, losing weight, and the challenges of a busy life

I regret not being more active with my blog lately, but I’ve just been plain busy.

- Training has been going pretty well. We’ve had some weather challenges (highs near 100, with thunderstorms a couple/few days a week) and a pool schedule less than conducive to timing out workouts (closed every day at 4 for almost the entire evening). That said, I’ve been getting in most of my workouts, and the few I’ve missed over the past several weeks were some runs (I’ll get to that in a minute) and a swim. Dr. Pain pushed my long distance rides to 40 miles Saturday before last, and this Saturday I’ll be doing 45. I just got my overview of the plan for my 2 months leading up to Cedar Point Rev 3 70.3 and it looks like I’ll be working pretty hard, but it’ll mean I’ll be ready in September.

- I entered the MapMyRide Le Tour challenge again this year. I’ll be riding my bike every day the guys in the tour do, and wind up doing about 15% of the total distance they do. I probably won’t wind up doing more than 1% of the total climbing, but it’s a fun way to really push my bike fitness ahead of my big race. Plus there are awesome prizes. They changed the format this year, so the drawings are weekly instead of daily, but still, it’s great motivation. Last year I won a HRM watch bundle that I put away to use for charity and wound up giving away during my earlier summer fundraising. Hopefully I’ll win something this year!

- The one real challenge I’ve had is motivation for running. Running is when I suffer the most, and apparently, I haven’t built up the mental toughness I normally do during a training season when it comes to getting out and suffering in the heat for 45 minutes or an hour. I didn’t have time to wait for reward based training to work, so I went with the pampered training route. I bought new shoes and a basic iPod to use on my runs, and figured I’d coax myself out with new stuff to try. So far it’s been working. I’ve done 3 consecutive runs without any motivation issues, and while I’m still getting comfortable in the new shoes, the iPod definitely takes the edge off the monotony of running around the cemetery all the time.

- Weight loss has gone well, I’ve lost 9 pounds in the past 3 weeks. I’m still making a few poor food choices a week, such as fried rice with chicken the night before a weigh in, but in general I’ve been doing very well with this. I was hoping to be over 10 pounds lost this week, but we do what we can, and then we do some more the next day.

- The blog needs some updates that I’ll get to this weekend. Our next race is currently planned for the end of July at Giant Eagle in Columbus, unless something changes before then.

- The realtor comes to look at the house tomorrow. I’m so not ready to have this place looked at by other people, and I have some stuff I need to do before tomorrow. It’s going to be a busy day.

- Work has been exceptionally busy as I continue to learn more every day about the project I’m on and the systems it entails. I’m trying to condense a lot of learning into a short period of time and it’s very challenging, which has added to my stress level a bit. Good thing I get to be on the bike a lot this coming month.

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