What I learned last week…

Last week was extremely busy. Work has had me occupied even more than usual as I come down to the deadline. Training has been ramping up in volume and intensity. And the Tour de France started. Plus more shenanigans in the Lance Armstrong investigation. And through all that, I learned some really good stuff, mostly about me.

- That like Neo in The Matrix movies, there may be almost no limit to how much computer information I can stick in my head. I am currently learning 3 different systems while helping create a fourth and assisting in writing the interface between them. Now I just need a cool leather duster and some sunglasses.

- That extra motivation or not, I do not enjoy running in the heat. The sweat and discomfort at least breaks even with the runners high and sometimes prevents it entirely. Im not giving up hope of becoming a runner, just don’t think it’s going to truly be enjoyable for me until I lose more weight

- That having a weekly weigh in the day after national holiday SUCKS. I gained a pound over the prior week, at least according to the scale last Thursday. Of course, I’m down from there now, but I like the weigh in days to be successful ones. It’s a positive reinforcement thing.

- That I love my bike. In the past week I’ve ridden 152 miles. For some people that’s not a large amount of miles, but it’s definitely an increase in volume for me as I ride every day the tour does. I haven’t ridden today yet, but I can tell you as much as I don’t enjoy running, I love being on my bike, even Sunday after a horribly hot and body draining ~40 mile ride on Saturday, I got right back on and loved it.

- That I can one day be the fish I was as a kid. My swimming is actually coming along. I’m not tons faster at the 100 level, but my stamina is strong right now all the way up to about a mile, Im consistently in the 41-44 range for 1700 yd range. That’s faster than my best one mile time last year, and I still have 2 months of training before Cedar Point

- That even for a BOPer like me, coaching makes sense. Having a coach pays such huge dividends and not just because of the planning and preparation, but because there’s someone there to make you be accountable even if you’re just being accountable to yourself. When Dr. Pain leaves us for a new job in the fall, we’re going to miss her so much!

- That I’m really learning to like suffering, but that I never was cut out to suffer as much as the guys on TV. Plus I like food too much to ever be quite that skinny.

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  1. Proud of you! I need to get a bike – I think I’d enjoy that, too. I did get some shoes that I could wear to spinning, now just need to go!

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