Trout, Triathlon, and Love, but maybe not in that order…

Yesterday was Rach and I’s 3rd wedding anniversary. We celebrated by her working all day and me staying at home with the dog. That’s married life I guess. Actually when she did get home last night we went to dinner and a small dessert. Being who we are, presents started a few days early (because i can’t keep a secret). Rach had asked for a couple of things (one of those small blenders that blends into a drinking cup you can take to go) and a make up stand for her dresser. Her surprise gift was an unorthodox one; a gun. Yep, i bought my wife a gun for her anniversary. She’s been jealous of my neices BB gun since she got to shoot it back in June. So I got her a BB/pellet rifle and some targets to practice with. My asked for gifts were some more flies for fishing and a vest. Im not sure what my surprise gift will be as that hasn’t happened yet.

I’m lucky to have her in my life and I recognize that fact, and I promised to try to be less annoying in year 4 of our marriage :D

As for the trout; I know they’re out there, but I haven’t landed any yet. I took Saturday to try a bigger river, hoping the open space would allow my inexperienced casting a little more room to work it’s magic. Sadly, the only magic I saw was the magic of nature. Tons of beautiful places to fish right now. My trip to the West Canada Creek (which looks amazingly like a river in most parts I saw) was worth it, even though I didn’t see a fish bigger than 2 inches long.

On the way to one of my many stops along the river, I found this bridge which made me suddenly wish I had my bicycle with me just to ride under it.

After neglecting Stan for a few hours instead of heading off to Madisons hops festival, I decided to make the short trip to Waterville for their annual cruise-in. Part town festival, part auto show, Stanley got a good work out walking all through town while I scoped out cars (and roadside food vendors) and he met new furry friends.

Doesn’t this look like something James Bond would drive?
I just missed the good shot of them sniffing each other
Stan is like Dr. Doolittle; he likes to talk to all the animals, and showed no interest in chasing or eating this bunny

Sunday was spent mostly around the house, hanging out with Stan…

Chippies on the back porch are like Stanley’s personal Outdoor Channel, and it’s pretty entertaining for me too.

… and fishing from the back deck

The bass I’d heard stories about in our lake actually do exist it seems.


Finally when it comes to triathlon, there’s actually a lot to talk about. I’ve been working back into training, including a couple of lake swims, at a surprisingly good pace (sub-20 mins for a half mile). Riding has still been a challenge as I continue to work in more hills (otherwise there’s only so many places I can ride). I’m registered for an un-timed charity ride this Saturday called the Madison Tour de Farms. It visits a hops farm, a buffalo farm, a goat farm and the more traditional produce farms in the county. There are 9, 20, and 40 mile courses. the 20 mile course has more elevation than anything I’ve ever ridden save Timberman, and the 40 mile has 1 1/2 half times the Timberman elevation. I need to get some details about lunch, but I’m strongly considering the 40 mile course regardless of how much of a challenge it is. My only concern is making it back in time for the lunch I’ve already paid for!

So that brings me to what I’m preparing for; the Half-Full Triathlon. You may have heard by now that Ulman Cancer Fund and Rev3 decided to pass on USA Triathlon sanctioning so that they could include Lance Armstrong in the race. This was hinted at a few weeks ago, but it became official yesterday morning. When it was hinted at, I didn’t expect it to actually happen, believing the USADA decision would have come out by now, and made Lance harder to involve without more of an outcry. But as this hasn’t happened, it’s easier for the organizations involved to include Lance. It’s not terribly surprising as the gentleman who founded UCF is the CEO of Livestrong. As I have been scheduled to race this event all year, I’m torn in continuing to support this event, especially now that I’ve reached my fundraising goal, and paid for travel and lodging at the event. $1000 is a lot to throw away in terms of our budget for racing.

To be fair, Lance is not racing against the registered pros (many of whom have spoken out against his participation), and he is not charging an appearance fee (which is unusual for him, as he has charged appearance fees for other cancer events he has attended ($100k + Netjets credits @ Pelotonia). Between that and my own sunk costs, I’ve decided to go ahead and race. It’s going to be an insane event probably, a smaller local event that was made larger with Rev3 involvement now will be a circus with Lance participating. Means an earlier morning wake up, crowded transitions, and likely a lot more to have to avoid. But I still believe in the message and work of UCF and Lance doesnt benefit from their funding (though obviously he continues to benefit from the appearance and racing with support from his sponsors). If this benefits UCF and doesn’t lead to a chain reaction of more races spurning the ban in order to bring in Lance, it could be a lot worse. I don’t like the precedence this sets, and personally I think this is still more about Lance than UCF. He could easily have come to the event, done a speech, acted as master of ceremonies, and handed out finisher medals. But that’s not Lance’s thing; in that way this is about him. He got what he wanted, a way to race, even if he’s only racing a division of cancer survivors, you know he’s going to attempt to be first overall, even if his time isn’t offically recognized as the winning time because he won’t be in the pro wave.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting week.

2 thoughts on “Trout, Triathlon, and Love, but maybe not in that order…”

  1. I just wanted to say ‘welcome to the neighborhood!’ I live a bit west of you, near Skaneateles. There are some fairly flat areas to ride in central-upstate NY. The area north east of Syracuse around Oneida lake is very flat. Feel free to look me up if you ever want to go for a ride. I’ve been lurking/following you for quite some time. I’m also a Clydesdale triathlete/aquabike athlete. Though this year I’ve focused on open water swims and now cyclocross (you should come check it out!)

    1. Brian, awesome and thanks! I would love to go for a ride at some point. Hopefully we’ll get rideable weekends through through October. My next two weekends are very busy but after that I should have some free time. I’m starting to get used to the hills a bit. Is there a good place to check out CX racing in the area? I’d love to go see some. My ride this past weekend with the hills was challenging, and I walked the steepest parts, but I had fun.

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