Becoming Timberman All over again!

You could call this Becoming Timberman: Part Deux! But really since the parts and restarts on the path to a healthy lifestyle are seemingly endless, I’m saying all over again, because while there are many goals this season, chief among them, the A race of A races will be Timberman 70.3.

Now you may say “Hold on a minute! When last we left our boy wonder, he’d been all about pursuing a 140.6 finish at Rev3 Cedar Point! What happened with that? Are you chucking in the towel on Ironman distance?” And to that I say, fear not, gentle reader, for I, your fearless* blogger has no such intentions! Rather, I’ve reassessed and reorganized my goals to reach for the multitude of things I want to do.

(fearlessness has following limitations: still afraid of spiders, snakes, dying in a fire, tofu, eating apples with the skin on, and sweet potato fries)

Finishing a 140.6 is something I very much want to do, but it’s not the ONLY thing I want to do. When I first thought about tri, way back in the fall of 2008, I considered it a next best thing to racing my bike. There’s no denying that my love for the bike is what got me into multi-sport racing, and as I know I’ve said a few times, bike racing is the dream that came at the end of all the tri racing. The issue was, I kept thinking of it as a dream, instead of a goal. I kept watching races, and seeing all the skinny dudes go fast, and thinking “There just isn’t any way I’ll ever get to that.” It was impossible in my head, so no matter what the reality was , it was never going to happen unless I changed my mind and my approach.

So I did just that.

First, I got a new coach; I’m now working with Alan from, and after just a week, I’m already seeing terrific results. We’re looking at the complete picture, not just the training. Dietary changes, aside from just cutting out the garbage, have included a breakfast more focused on proteins, and smarter use of fats. I’m hydrating right, eating better and training 6 days a week, and after the first week, I’ve lost 6 pounds.

My motivation to train is much higher now that I’ve set some goals, and I’ve made some changes to support my winter training; we bought a CycleOps fluid 2 trainer, and I got the Garmin speed and cadence sensor to go with it. So on those days when it’s just too cold to be outside (which we didn’t have last year in NC), I don’t have an excuse not to be on the bike. Our gym is only 3 miles away and they have a pretty decent swim schedule both in the morning and evening. Plus the people on the roads are pretty friendly around here with lots of runners from the college and plenty of bikers on the roads, and places to ride off road as well.

So back to those goals; I’ve had the off-road bug ever since I did Landmine, and I’m going to make that part of the 2013 season. I want to race closer to home, so I’m taking into account for the year, and finally, I want to do some stuff that’s just me and the bike, and I want to push myself to do stuff that’s outside my comfort zone. So, I’m doing a cyclocross race this fall, and a 110 mile timed bike ride this summer. The schedule isn’t finalized yet, and I haven’t paid for anything either, but here’s what it looks like for next year potentially. Most of these races are either local to where we live, where we’re visiting, or at most a few hours drive.

And that’s not even getting into my 2014 goals, where I’m going to finish that first 140.6 AND do a road bike race. And I’m going to be back to blogging far more regularly.

It’s gonna be an awesome year.

2012 Smoke the Turkey 5k
2012 unknown holiday 5k
2013 Some March 5k?
XTERRA Jersey Devil
Gran Fondo New York
Syracuse 70.3/Rev3 Williamsburg
Timberman 70.3
Kirkland or Critz farms Cyclocross
Thanksgiving 5k
Holiday 5k

4 thoughts on “Becoming Timberman All over again!”

  1. Sounds like you’ve made some great changes and goals, Ben! And cyclocross, how exciting and truly brave! That scares me, for reasons I’m not sure of. Keep up the great work with the new trainer. Will you be returning to the Half Full this year?

    1. Thanks Melanie! Im unsure about Half Full, just because that gets into when Rachelle’s season starts and I wont know for sure she’ll be with Colgate next year for a while yet, and if she is, what the schedule will be. If she has home games that means we need to rent a car, and if she has road games that that means I need to be home at X time to make sure she can get to and from school. I was originally planning on local races, but I dont know if that fits with Rachelles plans.

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