One Months Progress

I had a post planned for the end of last week, but I didn’t feel right posting about myself and my training with all that was going on on a national level. And the post I had written around Sandy Hook I’ve scrapped, because I’ve had plenty of that discussion going on Facebook, and I just don’t think it’s the right place for it. In other words, pardon my long absence, it wasn’t intended to be quite so long.

I started training with Coach Alan on 11/11. In the 6 weeks since then I’ve lost 12 pounds. If I hadn’t had a rough week with food last week, I’d be at 15 pounds down at this point. That’s not a complaint, merely a realistic statement of fact.

Training has slowly been picking up. I’m averaging around 6 hours of training a week right now. Most weeks Ive had between 7 and 8 hours planned, and I’ve been falling close to an hour short of plan each week, because I simply can’t sit comfortable on the trainer for an hour at a go. Even with quick stretch breaks, I’m getting too uncomfortable to stay on the bike. It’s time for a new saddle. I’ll fidget with the current one until i can get into a trial program for ISM, which I think is the direction I want to go long term. I may look at a less expensive saddle I’ve used in the past with reasonable comfort for a full season.

In the past 2 weeks, we’ve also introduced some upper body weight training, which Coach Alan wanted in, but Rachelle actually has done the design of the workouts. She’s in progress of studying for her Strength and Conditioning Coach certification, so I’ve been her guinea pigs. The workouts feel brutal to me, as someone who has never spent much time in the gym, but I definitely feel stronger from just a couple visits.

I haven’t yet started measuring various body areas per coach’s instructions but we’re going to get one of those sewing tape measures so I can do thigh, bicep, etc. dimensions so as I continue to train and weight re-distributes into muscle, we’ll be able to track that too.

Rachelle still hasn’t figured out her schedule, so aside from the 2 XTERRA races and I HOPE Timberman, everything else is back to up in the air.

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