Progress report and first 2 free race entry winners

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The power is out and the internet with it, so pardon any typos as I blog for the first time ever from my phone.

Regular blogging has finally commenced for the 2013 season and I wasn’t about to let a lack of power get in the way, the same way I’m not letting the weather stop me from training. I’ve been on the mountain bike in the cold and snow several times in the past week +, with rides from 15 minutes to 1 hour, along with time on the treadmill and on the trainer.

The trainer sessions haven’t been without issue as my saddle is nearing the end of it’s usable life, and I’ve got an inexpensive but highly credited saddle on its way as my temporary solution to more comfort on the bike. Some of it is me, a combination of my weight and lack of time in the saddle while the rest of it is an ergonomic saddle that was never really a perfect fit that has seen a ton of wear in 18 months under me. Motivation from friends both near and far has helped, and I got off the saddle after 40 minutes last night with the feeling that my legs had plenty more to give if I could stand to be on the bike even another minute longer. I take small brakes but it doesn’t help all that much.

From a weight perspective, I had lost 13 pounds before going home for┬áChristmas┬ábreak, and I gained a good majority of that back through way too much food and fun. Thankfully it’s been coming off quick since I got home, and I’m down 6 pounds since my return. I only need to lose 4 more to get back to where I was. Based on how fast it’s been coming off, that ought to happen by Sunday at the latest. Coach Alan has been pushing me with some fitness tests and I finally got a tape measure to track more than just weight.

I’m still in the process of finalizing my schedule, if I can ever get Rachelle to sit and talk to me about what she wants to do. One thing is for sure, I’m racing Giant Eagle Triathlon Olympic distance in July. It was one of my free entries from HFP. Rach is doing the Women’s only race on Saturday and the Sprint distance on Sunday, again thanks to HFP. I’m hanging onto 1 more entry for myself, as HFP has been hinting at a cycling only event to be announced later this month.

And I’ve started my giveaway of HFP race entries:

- The first went to Chuck Husemann, a long time very good friend of mine who has done charity bike rides but never a triathlon. He’ll be doing the sprint distance race at Giant Eagle, and gets to hang out with Rachelle at the finish line while I work my way through the Olympic course.

- The second went to Master┬áSergeant Timothy Davis, who I’ve never met before but is looking to do his first triathlon at Caesar’s Creek in July. He seemed pretty stoked about it, and frankly I thought it was pretty cool to be able to give something to someone who serves our country.

Quite a few folks have expressed interest, but only a few have followed the official entry format, which is to comment on this post. I’m giving out entries as I go along, but the final entries won’t be given out until 1/14/13.

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