A great week!

First, I still have 3 (and maybe 4) free HFP race entries for new triathletes. If you are waiting to get in, STOP WAITING, and reply to this post.

Next, let me tell you about the next group of people taking on their first triathlons:

- Rachel, a long time friend and personal trainer is taking her first go at a triathlon at Giant Eagle. She’ll be racing the women’s only race with my wife.

- Lori, whose sister is a triathlete I’ve met in the past, and she’s using her first triathlon to get back to running after breaking her ankle a block from the finish line of a 5k

Now, I believe I mentioned I’d put on a few pounds over Christmas vacation. Those pounds are now gone. Thanks to running several days last week, a new saddle and adjusted position on the bike, and a bit of pushing past the pain, I’m not just losing weight, but the stamina is coming around and the speed is ever so slowly increasing.

I’m getting on the bike tonight, after a run this afternoon, and even with having to miss a couple swims this week due to very limited pool hours (smack in the middle of the workday), I’ve had a terrific week training and I’m really pumped to keep going.

Speaking of going, my annual Vegas gambling trip is coming up, and I’m headed to Columbus for the Blue Jackets home opener in just over a week. Gonna be a fun month!

Oh, and Lance is going to confess to doping on Oprah next week. I’ve stayed away from this topic for a while, in part because I have plenty going on in my own life, but also because I think doping is a bigger topic than just Lance, and I was a bit tired of being labeled a “hater” because the current focus is on Lance and the USPS situation. Expect a couple posts from me about this in the next week.


One thought on “A great week!”

  1. Per your instructions from your 1-1 post:
    Jason Feckler, I have zero triathlon experience, but plan on doing the Cleveland triathlon in August. If I’m selected, I expect to register for the Portage Lakes triathlon on September 15th.


    I’ve taken up triathlon training as it allows me to exercise more without injuring myself. This has allowed me to get off of insulin (as long as I exercise almost daily) and become much healthier in general.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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