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Las Vegas and back again

A week in Vegas with one of my best friends is a great way to cut loose and let the stress of life roll away like a pair of dice on the craps table. A couple of slot jackpots and four 10′s in a hand of Crazy 4 poker makes things go a lot easier, especially if you’re losing most of the rest of the time. I wound up in the end down a bit but I still had a really good time.

The big hit of the weekend was the 10′s at Crazy 4 Poker. Years ago I hit 4 aces in a hand of Let it Ride, and I didn’t think to take a picture, but this time I made sure I had a fantastic hand immortalized.

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While we went there mostly to gamble, you can’t play cards for 7 days straight (even if you do stay up almost 48 straight hours twice during that period to give it a good solid try!) so we went and did some other fun stuff. First there was the trip to Hoover Dam. The tour was awesome, and the feeling of the sheer power of the water under your feet when you stand over one of the intake pipes is pretty amazing. Plus the new bridge near the dam is quite the sight to see.




On our way back from the dam I found a little railroad museum, which had some pretty cool stuff including a steam engine with a double boiler.

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Our other stop was Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It was pretty awesome looking at what water, wind, and sun can do to the earth over millions of years. What was maybe even cooler was meeting a couple who were cycling through Red Rock Canyon to celebrate theirĀ 45th wedding anniversary. That place is no joke to ride, I was impressed by both of them, especially because they were on rented bikes.

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Getting back to real life took a couple days but I’m definitely glad to be back to training. Since I last wrote, I went in for a fitting which will be finished Friday night, and I bought a new ISM Prologue saddle. Plus I put some new grip tape on the bars. Pretty stoked for what it’s going to look like when it’s all done. And the training is going well.